Jiu-Jitsu begins at SFC

Guest Blogger:  Mike Mena of Mena Fitness Training and instructor of all Jiu-Jitsu programs offered at Stow Fitness Center.  Contact Mike Mena for more information about Jiu-Jitsu, to register for programs, and explore more. Aloha, SFC!  June 1st is the beginning of my journey to bring Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programs to the Stow Community.  I am […]

Weight Lifting with Arthritis: Oh-so-Good!

It’s in my family line.  I have had indicators in my body and I knew it would be in my future.  A couple of weeks ago, my doctor confirmed what I suspected when he looked at my hands and feet.  Arthritis.  I am 44 years old and a proud mover.  But, the validation of arthritis […]

Our Third Place

Our Third Place…

by Lindsay Lucarelli We all need somewhere to go. Somewhere that is not work, And, somewhere that is not home. Somewhere that is void of chores and includes connecting to others. Somewhere to meet people. These might be people we know. But, also people we don’t know. We all need a place that’s open and […]

Yoga in the Park: Tell us what you think!

Stow Fitness Center is delighted to partner with Stow Community Recreation for Yoga in the Park 2021. This will be a free outdoor, weekly yoga practice for all.  We want to maximize accessibility to as many as possible.  Hence, please take this short, 1-minute survey to assist us with the planning of this community program. […]

Virtual Training became my Battle Ropes: A Personal Trainer’s Path to ZOOM

by Colleen Moran It’s almost a year. March 2020.  Massachusetts gyms were shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Our entire Stow Fitness Team was working on solutions to offer virtual classes to our members.  Initially, the team was expecting the closure to last a few weeks.  No matter how long Stow Fitness Center had […]

Small Businesses make Big Impact

February 4, 2021 by Dave Bundy, Owner of Stow Fitness Center In the Fall, I visited Portsmouth, NH.  I love that city that bustles with the vibe of unique shops.  The #shoplocal vibe is a cornerstone of Portsmouth’s economy.  The same with our neighboring town of Maynard.  Their economic revitalization has been directly tied to […]

Hip Pain: How to get from STUCK to UNSTUCK

January 27, 2021
Hip pain and discomfort can be reduced and avoided. Learn about what causes hip ailments and proposed solutions. To guide you through specific tips and techniques, join the Happy, Healthy Hip Yoga Workshop with Cindy Boulter, a certified yoga therapist. The Zoom Workshop is Sunday, January 30th.

‘Tis the season of UnControllables – and getting them under control.

January 23, 2021
COVID has unleashed a time of uncontrollables.  For some, we have heard loud voices and stringent political stances.  For many, habits have been initiated that resulted in overconsumption.  Overconsumed items may be alcohol, news, social media, or general engagement with technology and computer devices.  On the flip side, something was given up – such as exercise, connections with friendships, and care of our individual wellness needs.  We all consume too much of something, and not enough of another.  Balance is essential to mental and physical wellbeing and longevity.