Mind-Body Workouts

A team of staff members and instructors have contributed to the creation of this on-demand library due to the impact from COVID-19.  These workouts are recorded from live, stream workouts and are available exclusively to Stow Fitness members.  Workouts will continue to be added to the library each week.  In addition to the below workouts, see the Live, Virtual Workout Schedule here to find other workouts for you to access.

Pilates is a 50 or 60 minute class focusing on core stability, alignment, and efficient breathing to strengthen your abdominals and the muscles around the spine.  Some classes recommend a tennis ball.

Hatha Yoga focuses on teaching correct alignment and breathing in basic yoga postures and introduces the full range of standing poses, seated postures, balances, basic twists, forward bends and some introductory backbends. More emphasis will be placed on the stationary poses than flowing postures with less weight bearing on the wrists than our Vinyasa/Flow classes. Suitable for all levels, great for beginners!  Strap, blocks, and blanket are recommended.

Gentle Restorative Yoga 5-29

Gentle Restorative Yoga 5-8-20

Pilates with Krissy III

May Yoga 5-12-20


Yoga with Cindy 5-26-20

Gentle Restorative Yoga 5-15-20

Thursday Yoga 5-14-20

Pilates 5-13-20

Yoga 5-7-20

Gentle Restorative Yoga 5-22-20

Yoga with Cindy 5-21-20

Pilates 5-20-20

Yoga 5-20-20

Pilates with Meg II

Yoga with Cindy III

Yoga with Cindy IV

Yoga with Cindy V

Yoga with Cindy II

Pilates with Krissy II

Gentle Restorative Yoga with Cindy

Pilates with Krissy II

Yoga with Cindy 4-22-20

10-minute Meditation


Yoga with Cindy

Pilates with Krissy


Yoga with Cindy 4-16

Restorative Yoga 4-17

Pilates with Krissy 4-20-2020

Pilates with Meg 4-15

Pilates with Meg 4-22-20

Pilates with Meg w/ Tennis Ball

Pilates with Krissy 4-13-2020

Tuesday Night Yoga with Cindy