FAQsA few commonly asked questions:

Will I need to enter a credit card?  Yes. In order to set up your own individual MOSSA MOVE account, you will need to enter credit card information. After the trial period, you will be charged $7.99 if you decide to keep your MOSSA MOVE subscription.

Where can I go to learn more about MOSSA MOVE?  To learn more about the service,  go to From this page, you can view all of the workouts available through the service. However, you will not be able to get to the free trial offer. The free trial offer is available through this special URL through Stow Fitness Center.

How can I cancel?

Subscribers can cancel at any time. When logged into your account, you can go to My Account >> Manage Subscriptions >> Cancel Subscription

I thought I could get a 60-day free trial offer?

The 60-day Free Trial had to be activated prior to April 30th.  Thereafter, the available offer is 14-day offer for our Stow Fitness Center members.

Are the workouts on MOSSA MOVE the same as the live MOSSA workouts?

The 30-minute workouts on MOSSA MOVE are different than the program sequences in our standard 1-hour classes at Stow Fitness Center.  MOSSA MOVE workouts were designed for the home user experience. The programming, equipment options, coaching, and coaching modifications, are all perfect for the home user.  But, you will have familiarity with the cues and rhythms used in standard classes at Stow Fitness Center.

What workouts are available on MOSSA MOVE?

The MOSSA MOVE app has 8 different programs – cardio, strength, dance, Yoga-inspired, and indoor cycling. Each 30-minute program has 2 to 4 workouts available, with more on the way. Additional workouts are being added. To see the lineup of workouts available, with descriptions and video previews, visit: