Perkins School Gift Collection

Our Annual Tradition Continues!

Thank you for your generosity

For 20 years, Stow Fitness Center has been committed to philanthropic programs to serve our community.  The 2021 Gift Tree is complete and gifts have been delivered to the Perkins School, thanks to the generosity of our Stow Fitness Center members.

This annual tradition provides great joy for both givers and receivers. See this message from the Clinical Coordinator as we look forward to the tradition continuing this season.

"Dear Dave,

Words will never capture the extreme gratitude for the amazing response from you, your team and your gym members.  What a great impact was made as these families celebrate the holidays.  It means so much to have this continued partnership with you.  I believe we are now 15 years and running!  As the pandemic continues, it is encouraging to see that there is still a great sense of community and hope.  On behalf of the children and families that benefit from the generosity and compassion of you, your team, and your gym members, thank you for your enduring support and kindness.  Please know how truly grateful all of the families are and how much the thoughtfulness means to them.

With much gratitude and best wishes during the holiday season!

Sincerely, Bridget"

- Bridget Matte, Clinical Coordinator Day Programs - Perkins School

Thank you for your continued generosity by bringing joy to the students at the Perkins School!