Bob Vinci, Member Since 2002

“I have been a member for more than 10 years. It’s a very friendly workout club to both novices and serious athletes. Having been a member of several other clubs in the past, I can say the staff are the friendliest and most knowledgeable in the area.

They sincerely care about the opinions and input from their members. Across the desk from the entrance is a bulletin board where members can post their questions and suggestions which are answered by the owner Dave in a very direct to the point manner. Perhaps you are looking for an extra yoga or spin class, or you suggest a new piece of equipment. They are very accommodating whenever possible. It is not a “spa” type club. No racquetball courts, swimming pools, or laundry service. This also keeps the costs and fees down as well. They do have some very good deals though with the Atkinson pool in Sudbury. The personal trainers and group instructors I feel are top notch, with many certifications and well respected in the area. Locker rooms are always kept clean and tidy. The equipment is kept in good condition with new machines added regularly. A health bar is available where the staff can whip up a protein drink after a hard workout or sports drink to rehydrate after a long run. There are a wide variety of classes to choose from including yoga, pilates, kick, spin and many other special event classes. Many of the instructors have taught for many years and have very loyal followings. You will find many different groups of people, from the regular treadmill runners who workout before commuting to Boston, the Moms that come in the mid-morning for a Group Power or Yoga class, the lunchtime group getting in a quick half hour power workout, and the after 5 o’clock members releasing a bit of work tension with a Power class or taking it down a notch with a slow yoga class. There are plenty of serious regulars too, making use of the well-appointed selection of free weights and resistance machines.”