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One-on-One Training

Whether you are trying to stay motivated in your routine, increase your performance edge, learn new methods to achieve your goals, our dynamic Personal Training team is here for you...


Group Fitness & Cycling

Join our group fitness classes and let the energy of the group move you. We have over 60 classes a week with something for everyone: from cardio and strength to dance and mind-body...


Mossa On Demand

Our proprietary M4 Programming, which includes Movement, Music, Motivation, and Metrics, will help you, whether you’re starting as a beginner, looking to stay inspired in your active life, or even seeking a competitive edge.

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Personal Training

Personal training class is an opportunity for individuals to work one-on-one with a personal trainer to achieve their fitness goals. The class can be tailored to the individual's fitness level, ability, and specific goals. The trainer works with the individual to develop a workout plan and provide guidance on proper exercise techniques and form.

Stow Fitness Center Yoga V2


If you are looking for a way to improve your mental and physical well-being, you may want to consider enrolling in yoga therapy classes. Yoga is a wonderful practice that has been around for thousands of years, and has been proven to help with stress reduction, pain management, and overall relaxation.

Group Fitness

A group fitness gym is a space designed for individuals to engage in exercise classes with a group of like-minded people. These gyms offer a variety of workout sessions ranging from high-intensity interval training to low-impact yoga classes. The benefits of joining a group fitness gym are numerous.

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Drew Miller

Member Since 06/11/2013

My wife and I joined in October 2013 because we wanted a convenient way to become more fit and potentially meet people in our area. We have found the fitness classes to be both helpful in reaching our fitness goals and accommodating to our busy work schedules. The staff are welcoming and friendly, and fitness

S. Columbus

When I moved to Stow, my realtor told me this was the gym to go to. She was right. The staff was welcoming when I entered and gave me a tour of the facility. I have had multiple surgeries and each one requires a healing time with modifications on my abilities to workout. Tammy has been great at changing up my workouts depending on which areas of my body need strength training or just getting my full movement back. She is good at quickly adapting to my ever-changing needs in a training session.

Katherine J. Michon

Member Since 14/06/2001

This is my Happy Place! It is where I can let go of my stress of the day and treat my body right. The instructors are first rate. They really care, and motivate you to take it to the next level. I also love that everyone is always so friendly and encouraging.

Sue and Bruce Metzger

Member Since 10/10/2013

Sue and I joined because there was ample room and great equipment to help Sue with her daily physical therapy, and very good parking and care to ensure easy access – even during the worst of snow storms like this past winter. We have been members for over 2 years and have enjoyed the continuous