Weight Lifting with Arthritis: Oh-so-Good!

It’s in my family line.  I have had indicators in my body and I knew it would be in my future.  A couple of weeks ago, my doctor confirmed what I suspected when he looked at my hands and feet.  Arthritis.  I am 44 years old and a proud mover.  But, the validation of arthritis propelled me to develop a more scheduled integration of resistance training.  I know the benefits of weight training.  However, I don’t love it.  I LOVE spinning.  I enjoy Yoga.  And, I’ll dabble with other things.  But, I just found my most authentic driver to committing more to weight training.  New goal: offset the trickled damage and discomfort that arthritis can bring.

Creaky Joints’ recent article explores the value of Weight Lifting for Arthritis.


Weight Lifting with Arthritis: Is It Good or Bad for You?