‘Tis the season of UnControllables – and getting them under control.

COVID has unleashed a time of uncontrollables.  For some, we have heard loud voices and stringent political stances.  For many, habits have been initiated that resulted in overconsumption.  Overconsumed items maybe alcohol, news, social media, or general engagement with technology and computer devices.  On the flip side, something was given up – such as exercise, connections with friendships, and care of our individual wellness needs.  We all consume too much of something, and not enough of another.  Balance is essential to mental and physical wellbeing and longevity.

On Thursday, two of our brilliant SFC influencers are launching a Digestive Reset based on Ayurvedic principles.  Krissy Berthoud, a nutritional management expert, and Cindy Boulter, a senior wellness and fitness expert, lead a 3-call Zoom series to guide participants on a balancing roadmap to develop healthier wellness habits in this complicated time.  Thursday begins the guideline launch to explore your individual needs and goals while checking in mid-way.  End the month with your final ZOOM call to examine your wellness journey and balancing practices.

This program examines the process of additions and subtractions.  What do you need more of and what do you need less of?  Cindy explains in the below video.

Everything you consume has medicinal value.  Too much – it can cause harm.  Too little – it can cause malnourishment or ailment.  Find your unique balance needs with the upcoming Ayurvedic Digest ResetFebruary Program Fee:  $35 Members | $45 Non-members.  REGISTER HERE